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Can you handle going to school and taking care of your child? Yes. Mom's House® has been helping single parents do both for 20 years.
  • You didn't do well in school? We can tutor you in your rough subjects.
  • You're over 18 but didn't finish high school? We'll help you get your equivalency diploma.
  • You want to go to college? We can get you into college-preparatory or college-level classes.
  • You're in college but need financial aid? We offer scholarships.
  • You're frustrated being a parent? We'll show you ways to raise your child.
  • You need legal support? We can see that you receive your rights.
  • You're having other problems? We provide one-on-one counseling.

This is a place where you can get help. That's why we call it "Mom's House®." For information, call us at (814) 535-4848.

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