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Kathy from Wilmington, DE:

Learning that I was pregnant was scary, and the prospect of having a child of my own to care for was overwhelming. My pregnancy was not easy. I was still a teenager, completely unprepared for life as a single mother. Veronica was born in January of 1995, in the middle of my senior year. I had just turned 18, and she was almost one month early.

In January of 1997 Veronica began attending Mom’s House®. Mom’s House® has been the best thing that has happened to Veronica and me. It is very difficult to work, go to school, and raise a child. Without Mom’s House®, my two years through x-ray school would have been nearly impossible.

Being a part of Mom’s House® has been a wonderful experience. It has made a wonderful impact on Veronica’s life. She has been able to express herself without the fear of rejection. She has been given a positive impression of people during the most critical time of her life: childhood.

The people at Mom’s House® never made me feel guilty about being a young, single mother. Instead, I was made to feel comfortable and secure in an environment surrounded with people just like me. I continued to grow into a confident and loving mother. I graduated from x-ray school in May of 2000. I work full-time and am continuing my education.

Mom’s House® provides safe, secure, and free childcare to low-income single parents wishing to continue their education.
For information, call: (814) 535-4848 or e-mail information@momshouse.org

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