It takes money to operate a household. That's true at your house, and it's true in ours.

Each Mom's House® is responsible for its own fund-raising. Funding comes from grants, donations, fund drives, fund-raising events, and merchandise sales.

Because we don't like the strings attached, we don't accept any government funding at Mom's House®. We rely on support from foundations, charitable organizations, churches, civic groups and people like you.

Here are some ways you or your group can help:

Monthly gifts pledged by individuals or small groups.

Mom's House® "500"
Yearly contributions of $500 or more.

Memorial Donation
Give a one-time or on-going contribution in memory of a loved one. What better way to commemorate someone's life than to help a single-parent and child start new lives?

Community Support
Area churches, businesses and groups - such as the Knights of Columbus, scouting organizations, and students - contribute goods and services.

To make a donation to Mom's House®, fill out our Donor's Form (above left).

Mom’s House® provides safe, secure, and free childcare to low-income single parents wishing to continue their education.
For information, call: (814) 535-4848 or e-mail

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