Unintended pregnancies - especially among young, single people - wreak havoc across the nation, annually causing millions of abortions and heart-wrenching adoptions, destroying relationships, and derailing dreams.

In the year 2000 (the latest statistics available) nationwide there were:

  • 841,450 pregnancies among teens.
  • 1,495,315 births to mothers, aged 24 and under.
  • 1,312,990 abortions.

Since 1983, Mom's Houses® have been making a difference within the communities in which they've been established. As of June 30, 2004, Mom's Houses® have documented the follow activity:

  • 2,355 clients with 2,783 children served.
  • Clients graduating: 172 from high school, 444
    from college, 170 from jobs-training programs.
  • 202 scholarships awarded totaling $74,225.
  • 469,074 hours served by volunteers.
  • 66 system employees.
  • System operating expenses for the current
    are $995,485 (covered by donated
    monies either from grants or private donations).

What sorrow there is in the immense unplanned-
pregnancy and abortion tragedy in this country! But
what joy there is in the numbers reported by Mom's
®, for they measure loving parents, happy
children, renewed dreams and lives back on track.

Mom’s House® provides safe, secure, and free childcare to low-income single parents wishing to continue their education.
For information, call: (814) 535-4848 or e-mail information@momshouse.org

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