Mom’s House® provides safe, secure, and totally free childcare so low-income single parents can continue their education, either at secondary or post-secondary levels.

Mom’s House® also provides a variety of services to the parent, including tutoring and assistance with homework when necessary, and counseling in life skills, parenting techniques, and nutrition. Parents will be lovingly guided to set realistic goals and work to achieve them, to develop self-control as a parent and a person, and to build self-esteem and self-confidence through self-discipline.

In return, each client agrees through written contract to:

  • Attend school regularly.
  • Maintain passing grades.
  • Give three hours of service time
    per week to Mom’s House

Mom’s House® Creed

The Mom’s House
® Creed comes from The Holy Bible, specifically from the book of Mark, Chapter 4, Verses 30-32; the book of Luke, Chapter 6, Verses 37-38; and the book of Matthew, Chapter 18, Verses 2-5 and Chapter 19, Verses 12-15.

God’s love is the foundation of Mom’s House
Seeds of love grow into irresistible forces.
Every person born and pre-born has an equal right to be treated with respect and dignity and love.

Every mother, regardless of her past, deserves to be loved for who she is and can become.
Every mother, regardless of her situation, deserves the opportunity to complete her education.
The choice for life should not be a choice of poverty.

Every child is a unique expression of God’s love.
Every child has the right to be surrounded by love and acceptance.
Mothers have the right to raise their children in conditions of dignity and financial independence.

Mom’s House® provides safe, secure, and free childcare to low-income single parents wishing to continue their education.
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